Well I Don't Think That I Ever Loved You More...
Dedicated to the man of all men, Conor Oberst as well as my own personal pleasures. Don't worry, you're in for a treat.

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I’ve sat too long in my silence
I’ve grown too old in my pain

Method Acting, Bright Eyes

bright eyes method acting

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vinyls collection from heaven

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David Bowie

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states heart love
I knew he didn’t love me, but I adored him anyway.Patti Smith (via perfect)

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yosemite breath taking

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sara quin preach relationships
please stay

please stay

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now i'm all messed up tegan and sara

Also I made another lighter


Also I made another lighter

bright eyes
TFIOS score


From Nate’s website:

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS: Walcott recently finished composing and recording (alongside fellow Bright Eyes member Mike Mogis) the score for the film The Fault In Our Stars, which will be released in June of 2014.


Well I’ll be damned, we just need to start placing bets on things like this because we totally called it! AGAIN

so i dont know if you have an opinon on this but i love your blog and your responses to things and i just really need to talk to someone. i really like my best friend more just a best friend and i want to say something but im scared we are going to change. should i say something?

Please feel free to always come to me with any and all inquiries. That goes for any of you guys. If you want my opinion, then I’m more than happy to do so. 

This is the way I view relationships, especially with people you consider to be your best friends: they are the ones who know you the best and have seen you on your worst days, so why not try? I’m a firm believer that every relationship deserves at least one solid effort. Even if it doesn’t work out, fails our completely goes haywire, at least you both actually tried. And at the end of it all isn’t that what we are doing here as human beings? We’re trying to live our lives and find other people who want to be along for the ride, you know?

There’s no point to deny yourself of what you want. If you want to be with your best friend, tell them that you would at least like to try and see where it goes. If doesn’t work out, well shit, at least you tried. 

I hope this helps and I hope you won’t let your fear decide your fate. <3

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my ovaries just exploded holy shit

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bright eyes four winds



Conor Oberst - Cape Canaveral 

Like the Freon cold out the hotel door
Or the white rocket fade over Cape Canaveral
You’ve been a daughter to me
Your buried shoe-box grief 
I felt your poltergeist love like savannah heat

cape canaveral conor oberst

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jenny lewis my queen